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Bless You Mom was chosen by Mom's Choice Awards as 2008"s "Most
Inspirational/Motivational" family-friendly product.


Inspiring Affirmation Cards - And More!

Lovingly Crafted by Mothers for Mothers!

Bless You Mom 56 Card Deck
Now on sale - $9.99


Consciously Direct Your Thoughts and be a More Peaceful, Loving Mother

This deck of cards is our premier product for mothers. Each of the 56 cards in the deck contains an empowering affirmation to support you in being the mother you want to be. Heart-warming photographs of mothers and children enhance their beauty while the circular shape fits snugly in the palm of your hand.

Now we’ve added other high-quality products -- all with inspiring affirmations. Choose from mugs, calendars, journals and more. Click here to shop online.

Our prevailing thoughts produce visible outcomes. Use Bless You Mom cards and experience the value of choosing healthy conscious thoughts. Radiate love and be a healing presence for your family and the planet.

 Bless You Mom E-Book

"Conscious Thoughts For Each Day"

Mom, begin each day reading a Conscious Thought to nurture and inspire you! Each page of this new e-book highlights a card from the Bless You Mom deck and offers a simple ‘to-do’ for the day to help keep you in balance. Make the day flow more easefully, and nurture yourself as well as your child!