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established 2020

Core Concept

Whenever a child is born into this world, it also gives birth to a MOTHER for whom the whole world revolves around her child. Everyone in the family is geared up to take care of the new born and so many new gifts are available in the market, right from clothes to toys to body lotions and so much more. But quite few gifting options are available for mother. 

Although as per our tradition and culture, special care of mother is taken post pregnancy right from diet to rest, handling and adjusting to the routine of new baby, also dealing with postpartum stress and mood swings… phew.

But still one thing is missing, the GIFTS which every mommy would love to receive.

So, we have designed this gift specially for the new mommy by a team of super moms who has already experienced and undergone thru this process and knows exactly what the new mother needs, which contains all the basic essentials a mother need post pregnancy.

our brand story


Our mission is to celebrate motherhood and shower them with love and affection with a gift specially curated by a team of super moms to take care of the basic essentials, just what a new mother need. Our mission is to let mothers know thru our gift how special she is…

our brand story


Our vision is to connect with all the supermoms out there globally, let them know how blessed and special they are…

We bless you mom, as you indeed are a blessing to your family.


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Afsana Yesmin

Our beginning

The concept of product was developed post-delivery of my second daughter “Yashita” where I was at my own home and my husband took care of me for the first 8 weeks post pregnancy. Yes, he definitely took good care of me and handled all my tantrums, my super-active elder daughter “Sharvi” just 4 years old and the newborn as well. And special thanks to Reena aunty, she came every single day to take care of the baby for massages and my dad for always being there at my side. God Almighty has blessed me with a wonderful and loving family.

During my first pregnancy everyone in the family was so much excited as after long period a new baby was arriving. Everyone was available within few minutes as I was at my Dad’s place, my aunt’s, sister, sister-in-law, brothers were there and everyone showered heavy doses of blessings and welcome Sharvi with all love and care. All the essentials I would be needing was there, preplanned by all family members. But during my second delivery, I need to personally arrange for all items one by one remembering everything of the past experience.

I really wished someone could have just gifted me these essentials, and there the idea rung in my head, why not to curate this gift for other expecting mothers and make them feel special. And so, BLESS YOU MOM was created to be a blessing to new moms.

All the items included in our gift hamper are the very basic essentials any mother would need post pregnancy that helps to take care of her nutrition, skin care, basic hygiene, loose tummy and no shame while breast feeding in public.

Our company practices vocal for local business, as encouraged by our Hon. Prime Minister. Most of our vendors are local and female entrepreneurs and most of the products we procure are from female entrepreneurs, giving boost to their work and development. We take utmost care while selecting the raw materials to be of the finest quality. We do it all out of love, as we are created to be a blessing to others.

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