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In my last blog, I have shared an adventurous and life-changing experience of my friend’s journey of becoming a fearless father in CORONA time. Life can transform a sleepy moron into a super active hero, this is my inference from his story. 

Life shows us so many new things and being a first-time mother is like a dream of every girl out there (being a mom was one of my special dreams in childhood). What a wonderful feeling it is, when you know there is a new life inside you and although more special that you are the one who is going to feel it inside of you for the next 24 x 7 for nine months. That’s super exciting and heavy thought as well.

Whenever something happens for the first time in our life, we are excited, anxious and at the same time super nervous about it. First-time pregnancy is also the same, nothing different. I remember my time, when my pregnancy test was positive, my and my husband was already on cloud 9. Super happy, fully charged, overwhelmed but at the same time we were anxious, nervous, concerned, edgy, tensed.

My husband has seen my face of how happy but terrified I was. He just held my hands, looked into my eyes and said, that we are being blessed by God almighty and we are receiving a reward from our Lord so there is nothing to worry about, everything is just going to be fine. And it did Halleluiah !!!

One thing I understood from the above that the hope of everything is going to find is just what I needed to hear at that very moment. And after hearing those golden words, my anxiety and nervousness just went puff in the air.

My time was different, I didn’t have to live in fear of corona during my first pregnancy. I enjoyed it all the time except for nausea, rest all was good. This made me curious to know what the primi mother would be feeling in this lockdown period. 

So many questions and doubts must be in her mind about the pregnancy, baby, and her health. Primi refers to the first-time pregnant woman. It is also referred to as primigravida. 

To know more about this, I spoke with a primi mother and asked her to list down 5 good things and 5 not so good things that she is experiencing in this lockdown situation and CORONA time. This was quite a challenge for a primi mother as she is already riding a roller coaster ride and to sum it up in the top 5 good things and top 5 not so good things was very hard to list down for her. But in the end, she listed it down and here they are mentioned as follows:

Top 5 good experiences of Primi in lockdown :

  1. Getting complete rest: No need to worry about getting up early in the morning, prepare food for the family, do household chores, and then rush to the office. No traffic jams, no train travel, less pollution. The best one is to get afternoon sleep; it feels like heaven especially for corporate working women. For sure this is a time of luxury, that only homemakers have.
  2. Getting to eat healthy homemade food: It is essential to have a balanced healthy diet during pregnancy. But corporate working hours don’t allow it to make this happen. High consumption of tea and coffee during office hours is quite often to stay focussed. For hunger cravings – vada pav or samosa is the best remedy. She never knew that she was addicted to caffeine until the doctor told her to stop it completely during pregnancy. In a lockdown, homemade meal and that too freshly cooked and served hot has been one of the best experiences. Although craving for junk food was still there, so she learned the same dishes watching them online and make them at home in a healthy way. woohoo, a new Chef is created.
  3. Getting to know the baby even more: Since there is more time available to spend with oneself as you are in lockdown, the experience of knowing and feeling your baby day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, and second by second is the most amazing thing to happen.
  4. Getting to work from home according to my comfort: Always dreamt of this situation. Thanks to CORONA at least for this time, where employers have given employees the option to work from home, which they never thought could be productive. But working from home as per our schedule and comfort adds to the best things on the lockdown list. Late-night sleep and nausea are taken care of in work from home mode.
  5. Getting quality time to spend with family: Corporate lifestyle is like a ticking clock, everyone is running a race. Even if you are pregnant, you still can’t take a pause or someone else will go ahead. Competition is fierce, and most of the time we don’t spend time with our family. We grow in our career lives, but family and relations are left somewhere behind. This lockdown has certainly brought many families together. We are laughing together, praying together, eating together and no one is left alone. Quality time spends with family is the most cherished time one can ever spend.

Now let’s look at the top 5 not so good things for Primi in lockdown:

  1. Difficult to go out for routine checkups: With all possibilities of getting close with an infected person in a hospital or taking a cab is all risky. To step out of the house, for routine checkups and sonography has been a tedious task.
  2. Need to take precautions even more than usual: Although you always take precautions while you are pregnant, now there are more precautions regarding hygiene, face mask. Also, you need to carry a hand sanitizer.
  3. Cannot go for walk-in open-air: It’s good to have a brisk walk in the morning and evening during pregnancy, but it’s been risky now to go out in open for walks, even the gardens and clubs are still not opened.
  4. Cannot have rituals of the baby with close ones: This one hurts the most, we wanted our friends and family to be with us while we are experiencing this new relationship with the baby. And we want to know how were their experiences in their journey of pregnancy. No baby shower with friends and family has been the most disappointing moment in lockdown when everyone is available, but you cannot invite them physically to your house.
  5. Unable to complete the cravings of junk food: Primi mother takes time to understand the mood swings and sudden cravings of different food popping out anytime. Especially the craving for junk food like paani puri, vada pav, pastries, ice-creams is irresistible and still, you have to tell yourself – Its lockdown there is no junk food available on streets.

After listening to primi and her top 5 list in lockdown, I was certain that though the lockdown situation had made things difficult for primi but it has also turned more like a blessing to her. According to my – comfortable rest, healthy food, and quality time with family are the best 3 things that have happened to primi and this indeed is a blessing for pregnant women working incorporate.

Team of Bless You Mom prays to Almighty God for the safe arrival of the baby in our world, bless and protect the newborn and family. 

Next time I would share the new trend of baby shower in CORONA time. Lockdown is certainly there but why not celebrate this wonderful moment to shower the blessings upon the new baby to come into this world. So, keep in touch with us to know more.

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