Bless You Mom Post Pregnancy Maternity Belt

Features: Made from high-quality elastic materials. Hook & loop closures for proper fitting. Breathable and moisture transporting weaving Simple and quick application.

Application: Stand in an upright position. This will make the application of the abdominal belt easier. Place the top of the abdominal support just below the navel. Stretch out the abdominal belt with both hands, maintaining the position of the belt below the navel line. Wrap one end of the abdominal support around the stomach region, making sure to keep the stretch of the abdominal support.

Pull the other end of the abdominal support over the previous side, ensuring that you stretch out the end of the belt as per as possible. Secure the abdominal support by pressing the two ends against one another. Check the abdominal support to make sure that it is tight around the stomach.

Indications: Postoperative conditions of the abdomen. Post-deliveryUmbilical and ventral hernia.


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Bless You Mom Post Pregnancy Maternity Belt Maternity Belt